Trek Supa Scoota


1.Folds down into a small package for easy handling.
2.Light weight.
3.Forward and reverse drive.
4.Finger tip control for both forward and reverse. (not twist grip)
5.Left hand control if preferred.
6.Dynamic braking (not hand brakes).
7.Fail safe electromagnetic brake (for extra safety).
8.Anti-tip stabiser kit available.
9.Pneumatic tyres (for softer ride and less weight).
10.Lithium battery option available.
11.Armrest option available.
12.Incar battery charging available.
13.Walking stick/crutch holder attachment.
14.Drop down tiller for under table use.
15.No unsightly cables hanging from tiller.
16.Extra battery capacity available.
17.Front basket standard with rear basket available.
18.Battery charge level indication.
19.Comfortable seating position.
20.Worm drive gearbox (not belt drive)
21.2 year warranty. (See warranty page for details Click Here)
22.Key lock on controls. (spare key provided)
23.Height adjustable seat.

Number of Wheels 3

Front Wheel Size
200mm High density, puncture resistant tyres

Rear Wheel Size
200mm High density, puncture resistant tyres

Ground Clearance 73mm

Length 930mm

Width 520mm

Weight Without Seat 12.7kg

Weight of Seat 4.9kg

Max Loading 80kg

Turn Radius 850mm

Motor Output DC12v – 180 Watt

Transmission Worm Drive Gearbox

Reverse Forward/Reverse Switch

Brakes Dynamic Braking and Electromagnetic Brake

Battery (SLA) 12v – 20 ah 6.6kg

Charger Off board 12 volt 2 amp. Optional In-Car charging lead available

Lithium Battery (Optional) 14.4V / 20ah 2.3kgs (4-5 times life cycle of SLA Battery) Lithium charger included

Max Speed SLA Battery 6 kph

Max Speed Lithium Battery 7.7 kph

Slope Grade Ability Maximum Recommended – 9 Degrees. (80kg Test)

Travel Distance Up to 10km with standard SLA battery, up to 20km on Lithium battery.

Arm Rests (Optional) Padded, Flip Back, Removable. Distance between armrests 45cm or 60cm

Please call us to talk to us about your requirements.