Shoprider GK9 Little Ripper

Length: 1060mm
Width: 560mm
Heaviest part: 15kgs
Batteries: 17Ah
Turning circle: 940mm
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 136kg

Features Include:

  • Flat free tyres
  • Great turning circle
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • Deluxe swivel padded seat
  • Lift up arm rests Includes separate charger
  • New Improved Battery Box now Splits in to 2 pieces
  • Lift up arm rests
  • Includes Separate Charger


Angles and weights shown here for this scooter or power chair indicate the safe working angles for the user and equipment. Any scooter or powerchair used outside these parameters may be unsafe and or cause future problems with the electrical systems.

Please call us to talk to us about your requirements.