Invacare Alpine Comet Plus


As part of the Comet family, the Comet Alpine + comes packed with all of its well-known safety features and customization capabilities, offering a reliable, powerful and stylish scooter.

• Powerful and robust

• Excellent outdoor capabilities

• Safety at its core.

The Comet Alpine + offers excellent maneuverability and power without compromising safety and style. Thanks to its powerful motors and superior suspension system, the Comet Alpine + lets you challenge the great outdoors with minimal effort and complete control. Vital components are protected from water and dirt thanks to the in-built anti splash guards. Directional stability keeps you moving in a straight line and automatic speed reduction to slow you down when driving round corners.

Weight capacity: 160 kg
Product weight: 143 kg excl. batteries
Max speed: 10 km/h
Range: up to 49 km
Seat dimension: 20″ W x 19″ D (51 cm x 47 cm)
Seat back height: 50 cm Length: 145cm
Batteries: 2 x 73 Ah
Turning radius: 137.5 cm
Seat floor height: 44 – 51 cm


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